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Teaching Pyramid

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The Teaching Pyramid is the name used to describe the framework developed by the Center on the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL). The descriptions on these pages are for the WestEd adaptation of this framework. Based on recommendations for achieving implementation with fidelity and sustainability over time, there are four recommended components offered by WestEd staff in professional development packages. Components include 1) a leadership team; 2) training series (three modules for staff and training of facilitators for parent training and specialized training for those developing behavior support plans); 3) coaching (including mentorship for internal coaches); and 4) follow-up for sustainability. The training and technical assistance (leadership team/coaching) occurs over the course of six to nine months.

Click on the names of the components below for complete descriptions of each one:

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team, including administrators, teachers, and specialists, is a steering committee for program-wide implementation of the Teaching Pyramid. Members attend all trainings and provide support for training, coaching and classroom practices.

Training Modules

The Teaching Pyramid training series is designed to meet the diverse needs of adult learners. The purpose of the Teaching Pyramid training series is to support the integration of the Teaching Pyramid approach into everyday teaching practices.


Coaching by WestEd staff provides onsite, strength-based support, and technical assistance for teachers, and mentoring for internal coaches in enhancing understanding and applying the Teaching Pyramid practices in the classroom. The coach helps staff take what they've learned in the training series and make it meaningful to the work in their classrooms.

Follow-up for Sustainability

Advanced training and additional technical assistance are available to strengthen the knowledge base of staff and ensure sustainability. Additional coaching is highly recommended.